Preparing for your appointment

Client agreement 

Citizens Advice Lincoln & Lindsey will provide you with

We cannot guarantee to take on all cases, even if someone is already a client. We may also have to stop advising you if we believe we cannot make progress on your case for you or there is no further good outcome that can be gained, or if you do not do what we expect of you.

In return, we expect you: 

We reserve the right to stop advising you if:

What to bring to your local local Citizens Advice visit

When you visit your local Citizens Advice, it's important that the adviser you speak to has as much information about your case as possible.

If you haven't got everything that's shown, don't worry - bring as much as you can find.

If you don't bring the necessary paperwork you might have to come back another time. This means it could take you longer to get the help you need.

It can be important to get help as soon as possible because you might only have a short amount of time to take action.

Problems with benefits

You should bring:

Welfare Benefit Check

If you would like an adviser to check that you are receiving all the benefits and tax credits you're entitled to, bring the following information for everyone who lives in your home:

Debt and money problems

You should bring:

Housing problems

You should bring:

Employment problems

You should bring:

Family and personal issues

ou should bring:

Consumer problems

You should bring:

Other problems

You should bring any paperwork, letters or other correspondence relating to the issue.